A Japanese firm, Honey Doll Company has begun holding memorial services for undesirable sex dolls. It has been assessed that in excess of 2000 dolls are sold in Japan and given the disgrace encompassing sex dolls, there is no firm that is keen on its removal.

 The firm observing this void chose to begin giving these silicon associates (sex dolls) a befitting function after they become undesirable. The ceremony is directed by a pornography star Rei Kato before the sex dolls are annihilated in a machine and discarded.

There are distinctive funeral plans for sex dolls. There is the STANDARD DOLL FUNERAL plan which costs 5000 yen (165,350 nairas). It incorporates a funeral service with the proprietor accepting a funeral endorsement and a dedicatory photograph or video of the service before the doll is discarded. 

There is likewise a JOINT FUNERAL plan which costs 3000 yen (99,210 nairas) which remembers everything for the standard doll funeral plan but the function will be directed with other sex dolls simultaneously. 

The most costly of this bundle is the DOLL ANGEL FUNERAL plan which costs 9000 yen (297,620 nairas). It permits the proprietor to go with the figure to the handling office after the administration, and a representation of the sex doll is taken which is destroyed before them. 

Before it is destroyed a picture of the sex doll is taken and the letter is perused to the doll and the proprietor is given a bit of the doll, while the rest is discarded. The memorial service is typically held at OSAKA HIGASHIOSAKA CITY. 

Honey Doll Love Company on its site said "love dolls are destined to be loved" and numerous proprietors would prefer not to simply hurl their doll in a receptacle since it is something beyond an insignificant thing. Some think that it's hard to leave behind the dolls and need a conventional method to bid farewell, it includes.


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