Claudio Vieira de Oliveira was brought into the world with physical inabilities and has his neck collapsed back, yet he has opposed the chances to turn into an accountant and an open speaker. Mr. Oliveria from Monte Santo in Brazil, regardless of experiencing the disabilities called inherent arthrogryposis which render his hands and arms useless still has made progress. 

Specialists revealed to Oliveira's mom Maria Jose to quit taking care of him as an infant as they accepted he got no opportunity of survival. Maria Jose stated: "Individuals began saying 'the infant is going to bite the dust' since he could scarcely inhale when he was born. "Some individuals would state: 'Don't take care of him, he is already dying.

"In any case, Claudio Vieira de Oliveira has challenged the chances so much that he currently has composed a book about his life in the wake of arriving at the age of 40 and graduated as an accountant at the  State University of Feira de Santana.

Claudio is much the same as some other individual in the manner by which he was brought up in this house. "We never attempted to fix him and consistently needed him to do the typical things every other person does. 

That is the reason he is so certain. He isn't embarrassed about strolling around in the road - he sings and he moves. "Claudio mum added.

At eight years of age, Claudio who previously been carried everywhere started to stroll on his knees. His family needed to change the floor of the house so he could stroll around without harming himself.

Claudio's bed, fittings, and lights must be made lower so he could get things done for himself without requesting help. Claudio Vieira de Oliveira said "Since I was a youngster I've generally preferred to keep myself occupied and work, I don't care to rely absolutely upon others.

"I do a touch of bookkeeping, research for customers, and counseling.  "I have figured out how to turn on the TV, get my mobile phone, turn on the radio, utilize the web, my PC - I do everything without anyone else, the Brazilian man disclosed.

He can't utilize a wheelchair on account of his strange shape, making it difficult for him to be free outside the home yet he asked his mom to be permitted to go to class and learn with different youngsters. Claudio stated: "For an incredible duration I had the option to adjust my body to the world. At the present time, I don't consider myself to be being different. "I don't see things topsy turvy.

"These days it's a lot simpler to face the crowd and now I can say that I am an expert in public speaking and that is why  I get solicitations from everywhere throughout the world."

 He has been seen giving a discussion to undergraduates in Feira de Santana. Claudio Vieira de Oliveira is a wellspring of motivation to everybody that despite seemingly insurmountable opposition there is accomplishment close by on the off chance that you progress in the direction of it.

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