Belcalis Mernalis Almanzar popularly known as  Cardi B said she is lonely and wanted to hook up with her husband Offset very soon but all to no avail due to the Coronavirus. The singer who confessed that she is not used to be far from her husband and can't wait to feel her husband's warmth.

The  American rapper and actress also added she had missed her old life and wanted to go back to times where she could comfortably hang out with her loved ones.

Cardi B said she is among the sex-starved wives whose only wish is their husbands return home in one piece. She disclosed that because she and her spouse have not managed to be one as a couple it has made her be in low spirits.  

Cardi said in her whole adult life, she has never left as alone as she does right now given she cannot feel the warmth of her hubby Offset’s body.

Cardi B said  I miss my family, I miss my friends, I have never been so alone, I just watch documentaries and movies.

Some speculations which have been going on that the two may separate soon but the two rebuff the idea. This speculation started when Cardi who was recording a live video happened to walk into a room where Offset was seated scrolling his phone.

They suggested he was chatting up other women but Offset said he was tired of constant attacks and negativity on the internet

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