The popular crossdresser, Bobrisky, attends his father's birthday dressing up like a man which has left Nigerians with surprise. . He posted yesterday on Instagram of him driving to surprise his dad. He said in a caption “Going to surprise my dad. Thanks to @royalhugsurprises for turning up for me.Happy birthday, daddy.  


Some Nigerians have come up with conjectures that the "Male Barbie" father may not agree with the crossdresser lifestyle and that’s was why he dressed up as a man to please his father.

He came to the party with no wigs, with no nails and dressed in a long black "Jalamia" which greatly differs from the usual crossdresser appearance.

The Popular Crossdresser, Bobrisy who was recently arrested in Lagos for alleged fraud in a deal worth N30 million has made her first comment following the arrest. Reacting via her social media account, the male barbie bragged that this  should make people know that she does not deal with small money.

He wrote on Snapchat: "Chai, plenty haters, they don’t wanna see me happy. Two face fools God will help me to punish you all. You will come to me and tell me you love me but go behind my back to spoil. 

The police spokesman DCP Frank Mba explained that Bobrisky explained that he has been granted bail; he is no longer in their custody but he is still under investigation. 

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