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Hushpuppi,“The Pofessional Beggar” Reportedly Arrested In Dubai on Alleged Fraud Allegation.

The billionaire, Raymond Igbalodely is popularly known as  Hushpuppi has been reportedly arrested in Dubai by FBI and Interpol for alleged fraud. The allegations which have made the “big boy” trend on social media platforms like Twitter where a video was posted where a newscaster in the video points out that fraud allegations have been linked to Nigeria.

Hushpuppi is known for flaunting wealth on his social media page especially Instagram where he  has up to 2.2 million followers where he claimed to be a real estate agent.

Since then people have started spreading the news that Hushpuppi might have been arrested in relations to an unemployment claim fraud which was meant for Native Americans during this Coronavirus pandemic. 

The fraud which involves using people private social security number to file unemployment claims on their behalf. It was said that the fraud ran into over $100 million. If you could recall that the “Gucci Celeb” once said in a post that he is a “professional  beggar.” 
These lines greatly connect because the case of the fraud looks like begging also.  Nigerians have reacted to the news of his arrest with no surprise as they noted that his wealth is questionable.

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