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Latest News On Hushpuppi Arrest: Harrysong Blames People For Being The Main Cause Of The Billionaire Arrest.

Hushpuppi, the multi-billionaire has been reportedly arrested in Dubai by the FBI and Interpol for alleged fraud. 

Hushpuppi news which has been trending since Tuesday due to the fact that he is well known for flaunting his wealth on Instagram where he has more than to 2.2 million followers.

Famous people have come out to react to the arrest like Harysong who took to his Instagram page to react on the issue as he posted the picture of the billionaire.

He said in his post that people have started unfollowing him as soon as they heard he has been arrested without even asking the real and true story (it was cross-checked and it has ironically increased from 2.2 million yesterday to 2.3 million today).

He added that after all the “give away” of millions people decided to turn their back on him. 

He said that the mentality of people believing that everything is money put the billionaire in the position he is today. His post has been received with different reactions since then.

Christianibia commented saying “The lesson I learned from this one is that you should not be too open to people so that when you get into trouble people won’t notice you”.

Kal_me_youngjohn said “people only love you when you are beneficial. Damsel_signature said “He doesn’t have true friends na him money attract them..... see life. 

Saradeb4888 said “please can you tell us the true story? and more comments on the Harrysong post.

It is believed that Hushpuppi might have been arrested in relation to an unemployment claim fraud which is meant for Native Americans. 

The alleged fraud the billionaire is into is worth more than $100 million dollars.    

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