Azeez Fashola popularly known as Naira Marley can be full of surprises as he starts a new challenge which he called “feeding my people” to help feed the masses.

The controversial rapper yesterday disclosed in the microblogging platform, Twitter that he intend to start a non-profitable charity program where the public will eat for free and also provide them with other things.

”I wanna open a non-profitable charity kinda thing where people can just come to eat at any time  and also help them for any other things they need help with”. 

You could recall that the Musician in April disclosed on Twitter “How can you ignore the suffering of others? If you can’t feed A thousand people, feed A Hundred people. If you can’t feed A hundred people, feed just one.

It seems the singer has now taken it upon himself to lead by example. Naira Marley disclosed how he intends on doing this. He implores people to make a video and they should disclose their name and location and also saying “feeding my people”. 

He promises to give 100 people 100 thousand naira to them but they have to send him a video of them feeding people with the money they will receive. He said, “…… If I am happy with the way you feed your people, I will send you 100k every week”.

A lot of people have since then been making videos following the listed guidelines. He has randomly picked some and transfer the money to them yesterday. He reaffirms his intention in a tweet again 

“To everyone that got paid today don’t forget the main point is to feed people, do a video of how you can feed your people and you will get paid every week …”

If you a good fan of the “Marlian Boss”, you will also remember that he recently send one million naira to an elderly man who sang his song word for word.  

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