Jeff Bezos who is the CEO of Amazon has been claimed to be dead has #Ripbezos trends on the microblogging platform on Twitter. The #Ripjefbezos trend is nothing but a lie. 

The trend has since yesterday been making waves. A twitter user who started the rumor tweeted “I can’t believe he drowned in the Amazon River, I didn’t believe this”. Other Twitter users responded to this news by saying they couldn’t believe this also.

Since then the news has been circulating that the Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is dead. Some even boldly turned it into memes and jokes.  Camilla tweeted “Rip to the billionaire legend, Jeff Bezos”.

Frosted28 vokscanik, tweeted saying #Ripjeffbezos I better still get my amazon package delivered @jeff Bezos.

Racheal tweeted “First ellen now jeff??? Wtfff so heartbroken #Ripjeffbezos. Omar tweeted “Gone but never forgoteen#ripjeffbezos. Lucy Liu tweeted “you will be missed #Ripjeffbezos.

Endricide tweeted “Rip to the man responsible for my packages arriving #ripjeffbezos. However, some users were quick to criticize people who were spreading the rumor. 

The CEO of Amazon whose wealth has been estimated to be up to $171.6 billion as his net worth still increases despite the coronavirus pandemic.

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