Nigerian Musician, Dapo Oyebanjo otherwise known as D'banj, on Friday sued Seyitan Babatayo for N1.5 billion for charging that he raped her in a Lagos inn in 2018. 

The claim was marked by D'banj and introduced to the high court of the FCT by his legal advisor, Mike Ozekhome, on Friday.

Franklyn Amudo, the ex Manager of Dbanj has come out to speak about the rape allegation leveled on Dbanj. 

He said that he had earlier decide not to intervene but when he was accused of colliding with Seyitan to blackmail D banj he had no option than to speak out.

He said he invited Seyitan among other people  to an All White Event at Eko Atlantic Hotel in Lagos. He said Dbanj was supposed to perform at the event and also had an accommodation for the night at Eko Hotel. 

He said he was seated with Seyitan, Ajai Mohammed and Oyinda who he disclosed were also friends of Dbanj. He said Dbanj performed at the event but never sat down with them.

Franklyn Amudo said that he had an accommodation at Glee Hotel, Victoria Island but had to offer it to Seyitan when she complained that it was too late for her to go home.

 He said he gladly obliged because he had an early flight to Accra the next morning and he would want to leave for home.

The ex-manager said when he arrived at Accra, Seyitan called him that Dbanj raped her. He said he was surprised and wondered how Dbanj gained access to his room booked at another hotel.

 He said he decided to call one of D banj friends, Ajia to narrate the incident but Ajia said he had given Seyitan $100.

He decided to call her that why will she claim she was raped and still collect $100 but she retorted saying “that she was told not to tell him because they assumed she was his girlfriend”. 

He said he decided not to confront D banj on the rape issue because it was a sensitive one and he and his wife were just recovering from the loss of their son.

He said that last few weeks, he started recovering calls bringing his attention to the allegation of rape by Seyitan on Dbanj.

 He said Seyitan send him a message on Whatsapp saying that D banj did not have the right to say “No To Rape” when he was culpable of such act which was a reaction to a post D banj had made on Instagram about rape.

He said after that different people have started accusing him of being the one behind the whole rape saga. He said Kemi Olunoyo, also accused him of arranging girls for the artist and that he was being ungrateful to D banj by setting him up in collusion with Seyitan.

He said “I find this act an act of defamation, very unscrupulous, malicious, mischievous, and very damaging to my name and brand. He said his legal team has initiated moves to earnestly seek redress.  

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