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BB Naija Season 5 Relationships : Interesting Stories Behind Every Relationship In The House That Will Interest You.

BB Naija has been making a lot of Nigerians and in fact, Africans glued to their screen. The show is not always complete every year if there is not a relationship drama between housemates in the house. 

We are going to be disclosing the relationship in the house that are trending now.

Not all relationship between all BB Naija housemates is a romantic one, as some are just a kind of close friend affair which may lead to any other thing before the show end. 

These are the noteworthy and popular relationship affair that has made viewers glued to their screen.

Lilo and Eric Relationship 

Ozo and Nengi Relationship 

Vee and Neo Relationship 

Eric and Kiddwaya Relationship 

Brighto and Wathoni Relationship 

Lilo and Eric:

Lilo and Eric's Relationship is one of the early relationships in the BB Naija Season 5. The 23-year-old dietician was into Eric and they both were into a romantic type of relationship.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the duo did not last long. Lilo was evicted on the fourteenth day while Eric was the next on the line. 

Before their eviction, the two had been an inseparable pair while they were still in the house.

Eric after the eviction revealed that he was distracted by Lilo, the same way he distracted her with their relationship. 

He said he has maintained distance after the show because he did not want to be the main reason why Lilo will end her relationship with her boyfriend. 

He said he has kept his distance but that won't stop him from being friends with her.

Lilo also have the same opinion like her “ex-bb Naija lover” as she said they will still remain as friends and nothing more than that. 

She also added that the short affair she had with Eric almost cost her relationship with her “real lover”.

Ozo and Nengi:

Ozo and Nengi's relationship has been stirring a lot of talks on different social media platforms especially the “bird app”. 

This relationship can’t be classified as a romantic one but just a kind of crush affair because the love has not been reciprocated.

Fans really want Ozo to hook up with the ravishing Nengi in the house. They even went ahead to form a fan base for the duo which they named Ozone (Ozone and Nengi). 

With all drama going on in the house, we can see that Ozo is deeply in love with Nengi.

The handsome dude has tried his best in convincing Nengi.  Nengi on the other hand has not been firm on the main reason for not giving in to Ozo advances.

She also said at one time that Ozo is someone she can date if her reconciliation with her boyfriend outside the house did not work. 

She said in an interview with Biggie that she does not why people were quick to pair her with Ozo as couples when they were only friends.

Though most people have shown approval for the duo relationship, Brighto has shown disapproval for the two. 

He said if he is given the chance to stop any relationship in the house that it would be Nengi and Ozo. 

He said" if  I am to separate any relationship in the house I will pick the one that is holding no place and that will be Nengi and Ozo.

Vee and Neo:

Vee and Neo affair is another interesting relationship that has caught our attention in the Big Brother house. The two are another duo that are fond of each other. 

Though the two are fond of each other the two are not putting any form of commitment to it. It is a kind of “ while it last” relationship.

Vee spoke to Neo at one time that they are things that she did not reveal about herself. She said because she doesn’t want everything to go out of control. 

She ended the talk with her boo saying anyway there affair ends will be okay with her. While Neo on the other hand revealed at one time to Wathoni that he is not someone that can give himself wholly to a relationship. 

This may mean that “Mr. Neo” is just playing along while “Mrs.Vee” does not care how it ends.

Eric and Kiddwaya:

Eric and Kiddwaya's relationship is the most adorable relationship in BB Naija Season 5. In fact, Kiddwaya has revealed plans to continue his relationship with Erica even after the house. 

This could show you how committed Kiddwaya is to the affair. Laycon who has also shown interest in Erica from the outset has decided to step down. 

Erica at first roused Laycon’s hope when she revealed that she is done with Kiddwaya. We believe the reason she said so was because of Kiddwaya's closeness with the other female housemates.

But a few hours later, she returns to Kiddwaya saying she can't stand it. She said that it will be difficult for her as long as she sees him all the time.

 It seems Laycon vibes and charisma would not be able to get the girl as she prefers to stay with the “bearded guy”.
Brighto and Wathoni:

Brighto and Wathoni are having a thing. The two are becoming more close every day in the house.

Wathoni has shown interest in Brighto as she seems to be someone who is desperate to get into a relationship in the house. 

Tolanibaj told her that Brighto is someone that someone that does not believe in relationship. She said that Brighto has revealed to her before.

Wathoni didn’t care as she still went ahead to shoot her shot which has eventually caught Brighto's attention.

Unarguably the two are fond of each other as they have been seen having romantic moments together.

Dorathy is also in the picture as she is also admiring Brighto. She wanted Brighto to kiss her at one time in the house. She was a little bit pissed because Brighto didn’t take her offer seriously.

Dorathy even have the courage as she confronts Wathoni that she likes Brighto. She said she thinks it is a feeling of lust.

The “Physique queen” asked an ironic question if Wathoni is really into him when she really knows the truth. She revealed later that she will have to shun the lust to keep her friendship with Wathoni. 

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