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Erica and Kiddwaya: Kiddwaya Father’s Speaks On Kiddwaya Relationship With Erica.

Eric and Kiddwaya relationship is the most adorable relationship in BB Naija Season 5.

He was questioned by Brighto about his future plan with Erica and Kiddwaya replied that he has plan to continue his relationship with Erica even after the BB Naija Show.

This could show you how committed Kiddwaya is to the affair. Kiddwaya’s father who has shown support for his son so far ,due to his good behavior in the BB Naija House.

Kiddwaya's father said he was not even aware that his son is coming for the Tv show from the outset. He said he is in full support of his son being in a relationship with anybody.

Laycon who has also shown interest for Erica from the start has chosen to step down. Erica roused Laycon's expectation recently when she uncovered that she is finished with Kiddwaya.

We accepted she said so in light of Kiddwaya's closeness with the other female housemates.

 Yet, hardly any hours after she said that, she came back to Kiddwaya saying she can't stand it. 

She said that it will be hard for her as long as she sees him constantly. It seems Laycon vibes and charisma would not be able to get the girl as she prefers to stay with the “bearded guy. 

Kiddwaya has told Laycon that he will like to support him in his music after the show, because he can see that he is talented. 

This may come as a way Kiddwaya wants to compensate Laycon for losing out in the chase for Erica.

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