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3 Keys To Success That My Career As A Blogger Taught Me.

Apart from the fact that people want to know the right spelling of SUCCESS, we all ask this question from friends, teachers, parents, mentors, relatives, and of course the most popular search engine in the world (Google), How Can I Become Successful in Life? 

I am going to be using my own experience as a case study to tell you the keys to success I discovered when I started blogging.

These will apply to any career or goal you are hoping and willing to accomplish. Though we know success really have different meaning to everyone,  it has some general principles that can make one successful. 


Passion is that strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something or about doing something. We all have different goals (the end toward which effort is directed) in life and we want to make sure we achieve it. Any goal that lacks passion is likely not to work out.

 I have passion for writing and sourcing for information. I decided to learn and get trained as a blogger and digital marketer because it was in line with my passion. I ventured into blogging and it was fun and exciting from the start.

But on the way, I started to lose enthusiasm when I wanted to monetize my blog and it was not coming through. I applied more than SEVEN TIMES and I was rejected. 

Now this is want I want to used to stress the importance of having passion for something before going into it.
I started having doubt to stop but because my goal to get approved is still in line with my passion for “writing” I have to continue. 

 I could stop applying but I couldn’t stop writing because I have passion for it. So, I have to continue to write and improve my writing skills.

If  I did not have passion for it, I am sure you will agree with me that I will stop after my blog was rejected more than SEVEN TIMES. You don’t only set goals to succeed at something but you must ensure you have passion for it. 

Passion is the driving force behind every accomplishment or success. Any goal that is planned that is not in line with your passion will gently fade away.

In fact, no success quote or motivational speaker can reawaken the drive you earlier had to fulfill that your goal. 

Note that interest is different from passion; I also have interest in other things that I know if I fail twice, I will abandon it immediately. 

To know you have passion for something you must have a strong enthusiasm and interest and not mere interest.

Success is a journey as they say and during this time you will face challenges that will want to bring you down. 

Ophray Winfrey said” Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you. 

Passion is that undaunted energy that will keep you going when you start facing challenges. 
Note I said challenges and not problems because disappointment and failures you face are meant to shape you to become better.

A wise man once told me  “Success is not a product of what you do alone.” He said, “Success happens as a reflection of who you are becoming.” 

So, sometimes when you face challenges, it is meant to reform you to become better. When I got rejected, I didn’t stop there, I started improving my writing skills and learned more.

Focusing on the Process and not the end result:

I will like to explain this in a very interesting way. Do you know that no matter how many food or care or what condition you put a child it won’t make the child grow faster than his age?

 He or she won’t be 13 years old while spending 12 years and 11 months on earth. This analogy tells you that no matter the effort you put to achieve a goal you still have to be patient. 

Don’t forget success is a journey and also like a process and it will reach a stage whereby you start expecting the result. 

The ability to focus on the process and not the result is very challenging. As human beings, we expect when we do something we should see the result immediately.

At first when I started my blog it was fun, but when I started focusing on the end result (monetization), I started getting discouraged because it was not working. 

Most of the time when you start focusing on the end result especially if things are not going the way they should be, you start getting discouraged and tired.

When I say focus on the process that does not mean you should just sit down and wait and do nothing. It means you should continue improving yourself. 

This is the junction where a lot of people miss it and they quit because they can't wait for the process to get completed.

 I won’t lie to you it is not easy to focus on the process and not the result because Human Instinct works in a way that it always wants to see results when an effort is made.

Do what is necessary :
This is another important key I will like you to hold on to. A lot of people have dreams and aspirations and don’t work toward it. For instance, I met someone last two years, she said she has passion for music and would like to learn an instrument.

She also told me she does not have funds to start the training. What do you think is the next step she should take? 

After two years now she hasn’t learned this music she claim she has passion for. You have to do what is necessary as far as it is legal and won't hurt anyone.

Read for long hours if that is what will make you the best in your studies, find a job if that will help you fund the program you wish to learn, ask help from your relatives or friends if that will help you etc. 

 Henry David said in one of his quote “Success usually comes to those who are too busy looking for it”
It will continue to be a dream if you don’t stand up and do what is necessary. For instance, for me to become a blogger I have to engage in two works to raise funds to fund my program. 

You know that there is a popular saying that "Some people dream of success while others wake up and work." I did what was necessary and did not daydream about achieving it.

 Stop complaining and making up excuses because that is what losers do. Stand up now and start working towards your goal so that you can achieve that your dream.

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