25+ Exquisite African Braids Hairstyles (2022) for Ladies

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braids hairstyles 2022 pictures with curls

These are the latest African braids hairstyles that we will love you ladies to try out when next you want to plait your hair.

These braids’ pictures show some of the hairstyles that ladies in 2021 are trying to make them look beautiful and attractive.

Scroll down and select any of these braided hairstyles and show your hairstylist and we promise you will have these unique and beautiful looks.


African Braided Hairstyles
African hair braiding styles pictures 2021
African Braids 2021
African Braiding Hairstyles 2021
African Hair Braiding Styles
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African Braided Hairstyles


If your black hair is a 4c hair type or even 4a or 4b, then you could try out this hairstyle. There are different variations of this hairstyle like double puff, large puff, low puff hairstyle. 

You can even use your scarf to make it look fashionable, there are endless ways to make your puff hairstyle look new every day.


It is common to see people rock this popular hairstyle because of its unique look. To make this hair, your hair has to be divided into sections, twisted, and then wrapped to form spiral knots. 

Though this hairstyle has its root in Africa, particularly from the people of Zulu in South Africa, it has crossed the boundaries of its continent to be accepted overseas.

Popular fashion designer and Singer, Rihanna, have been seen rocking it. Well, it is not surprising for this artist because she has been seen rocking another African hairdo just like this on red carpet occasions

.So if you are want to look for an A-list African braids hairstyles idea, then you should go for this hairstyle at your next hair appointment


It is one of the most common African braids in feeds. This hairstyle is commonly adorned with beads or rings. 

We have seen a lot of variations of Fulani braids like the ones with curly ends, with heart shape, with Brazilian wool, etc

It is simply parted in the center (and side) and braided into tiny cornrows. Women have plaited this tribal braid as a symbol of origin, social status, wealth, religion, or marital status.


Taking a look at the pictures of this braid type, it should leave you no doubt that you should go for this hairstyle.  It is one of my favorite hairstyles because of its unique look.

braided bun

If you are a lady with an oval face, this then braided bun is a perfect choice for you. Depending on the occasion, you can wear it with or without adornment. 

It can also be mixed with different colours just like the black woman in the picture below or the end of the braids should have curly hair.

African braids hairstyles-braided bun

If you are a woman with long hair and want to go for the braided bun, then have it in mind that you will have a massive bun. Also, make sure you wrap it well so that it doesn’t fall off.

African hair braiding styles pictures 2021

In 2021, there were some African braids that stood out and keep repeating themselves in feeds. Here are some of the images of ladies that follow the braids trends and plait it.

African hair braiding styles pictures 2021 with beads

In recent years, African hair braiding styles with beads have become increasingly popular.

Beads can add a bit of sparkle and glamour to an ordinary braid, and they can also make it more comfortable to wear. 

African hair braiding styles pictures 2021 with beads

African hair braiding styles pictures 2021 with beads

African hair braiding styles pictures 2021 with beads

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