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by Treasure
box braids for kids

Little kids should not be left out of the beauty of braids hairstyles because of it is one the latest trends of hairstyles in 2022. 

Popular A-List star rock different braids to their shows because of its uniqueness. Our little future stars should follow in step to look absolutely gorgeous. 

But our girl child should not just go for any braids but BOX BRAIDS HAIRSTYLES.  This braid tends to stand out from its peer like lemonade braids, cornrow braids or knotless.

This post features not only beautiful but trending box braids styles for kids– beaded box braids, knotless box braids, goddess box braids, jumbo/big box braids, triangle box braids, individual/single braids etc. 

Box braids styles for kids

So if you are looking for a complete collection of different box braids ideas for little black girl then you are definitely in the right post. 

In this post, our box braids hairstyles collection for children focus on kids between the ages of 7 years old to 12 years old.

Box braids for 10 years old

Just scroll down and check out pictures of young girls rocking box braids so that you can replicate these hair styles for your kids when they are visiting the hair salon next time.

Knotless box braids for 12 years old

Individual braids


Box braids should still remain its perfect condition for at least 2 weeks. Box braids should not stay more than 3 weeks max on the kids head.
Box braids for 9 years old
Box braids for 8 years old
Box braids hairstyles for kids
box braids for kids
box braids for kids
box braids for kids
box braids for kids
box braids for kids
box braids for kids
box braids for kids
box braids for kids
box braids for kids
box braids for kids


1. As soon as you finish braiding the kids hair, add some mousse throughout her hair and cover it with a silk scarf.
You can repeat this process at any time, it all depends on you. Don’t forget to wear the stocking cap in order to prevent the scarf from falling off.
2. Brush up the front hair back into the braids with an edge control gel of your choice to retain the box braids looks like thrice a week.

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