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5 Effective Ways to Immigrate To Canada With Less Money

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5. The Study Visa Relocation Route

The Study Visa relocation route is what you need if you hate IELTS or TOEFL exams like most Nigerians.

With this relocation path, you can relocate, study for free, and work in Canada without wasting money on any travel agent or writing IELTS/TOEFL academic exams.

Step 1. You choose a Canadian School and Program in a province of your choice.

Step 2. You apply to the University/College depending on your CGPA plus school requirements.

Step 3. You get an offer letter and head on to Apply for a Study Visa.

Step 4. You arrive in Canada to study and get your Study Permit.

Step 5. You graduate and apply for Permanent Residence in Canada based on the province of choice.



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